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  1. The official language of Pakistan is Urdu, but most public officials, people, and others in Pakistan also speak English; English is referred to as the informal official language of Pakistan. Urdu was created by combining the languages of early invaders and settlers, including Arabic, Persian, and Turkish
  2. Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country in South Asia.It is the world's fifth-most populous country with a population exceeding 212.2 million. It has the world's second-largest Muslim population.It is the 33rd-largest country by area, spanning 881,913 square kilometres (340,509 square miles). Pakistan has a 1,046-kilometre (650-mile) coastline along the Arabian Sea.
  3. According to current population projections, Pakistan will reach its peak population in 2092 of 404.68 million people. Pakistan's population is expected to surpass that of Indonesia in 2048 when it will reach 331.29 million.. Between 1998 and 2017, Pakistan's average population growth rate was 2.40%
  4. Discover the most famous people from Pakistan including Malala Yousafzai, Froggy, Shahveer Jafry, Imran Khan, Mahira Khan and many more

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A lot of people in Pakistan do, and if you happen to know the upper-middle classes, their houses are absolutely palatial. In fact, a lot of people moving from Pakistan to the UK take one look at that country's row upon row of cramped, badly lit, cookie-cutter houses and wail, How can these poor people live like this! 9 Yousafzai was the winner of Pakistan's first National Youth Peace Prize and was nominated for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. On 12 July 2013, Yousafzai spoke at the UN to call for worldwide access to education. 9. Asif Ali Zardari. The 11th and current President of Pakistan, Zardari hold the 9th place among the most popular Pakistani people

Punjabis are an Indo-Aryan ethno-linguistic group and they are the largest ethnic group in Pakistan by population, numbering approximately 110 million people and thus consisting of 50.0% of Pakistan's total population of 220 million in 2020. The Punjabis found in Pakistan belong to groups known as biradaris (literally 'brotherhood'), with further divisions between the zamindar or qoums. Notable people. Mehmood Bhatti, fashion designer and entrepreneur, settled in Paris in 1977; Namira Salim, Pakistani-born astronaut now based in Paris and Dubai; Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, French-born son of Ismaili imam Aga Khan III; James Caan, British Pakistani entrepreneur who lives in France during part of the year; Reference The people of Pakistan would soar high if they got the sincere political effort and leadership they deserve. Pakistanis have big weddings. Pakistani weddings epitomise the richness of the culture. A single wedding will introduce you to the many elements of these local traditions Come to think of Pakistan and your mind will be swamped with images of nefarious crimes, political instability, Talibanism, corrupt elites and terrorism. But beyond all the hostile headlines and bad press, there exists another Pakistan — a country that boasts of unparalleled geographic beauty, mind-boggling architectural glories, unbelievable archaic bazaars and heart-warming people

Yes, the people of Pakistan warmly welcome visitors from India, its our damned politicians on both sides who want to spread fear and hatred. As people of both countries,. Pakistan - Pakistan - People: The area currently occupied by Pakistan has long been a route of military conquest and an entrepôt for peoples and cultures. It is therefore a significant cultural and ethnic melting pot. Modern Pakistan's population can be divided broadly into five major and several minor ethnic groups. The Punjabis, who constitute roughly half of the population, are the.

Pakistan - Pakistan - Daily life and social customs: Throughout Pakistan, as in most agrarian societies, family organization is strongly patriarchal, and most people live with large extended families, often in the same house or family compound. The eldest male, whether he is the father, grandfather, or paternal uncle, is the family leader and makes all significant decisions regarding the. I had the opportunity to meet people in Pakistan and see what they are really like. Here's my first Video of Pakistan: https:. In Pakistan: Political process. The Pakistan People's Party (PPP) was formed in 1968 by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, working with a number of liberal leftists who wanted Pakistan to disregard the idiom of religion in politics in favour of a program of rapid modernization of the country and the introduction of. Read Mor 71 Interesting facts about Pakistan: A view of the Tharparkar desert. 23. Pakistan has the eleventh-largest armed force in the world. It has 617,000 people in its army. UN peacekeeping missions are supported largely by the Pakistani army

The nation of Pakistan is a modern creation, but people have been building great cities in the area for some 5,000 years. Five millennia ago, the Indus Valley Civilization created great urban centers at Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, both of which are now in Pakistan Pakistani family without servants. All house duty will done by daughter in laws and the mother cooks. If the Mother already old, then the daughters in law will clean the house and cook. Money Flow System in Pakistani Joint Family. 1. Rich family. Mostly, the Mother will not ask the salary of her sons Pakistan is officially a federal republic, but during a long period in its history it changed to a democratic state and a military dictatorship. Military dictators include Ayub Khan in the 1960s, General Zia-ul-Haq in the 1980s. Pakistan's two largest political parties are the Pakistan People's Party and the government party Pakistan Muslim. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was a Pakistani politician and statesman who served as the 9th Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1973 to 1977, and prior to that as the 4th President of Pakistan from 1971 to 1973. He was also the founder of the Pakistan People's Party and served as its chairman until his execution in 1979

Read CNN's Fast Facts about Pakistan and learn more about the country that borders Iran, Afghanistan and India Pakistan is the 24th largest global economic country and GDP places it in 143rd position. The Arts. Pakistan has a rich culture of arts and crafts which have in some cases been traced back to the artistic culture of the Indus Valley civilization. Some examples of Pakistani love for arts are as follows This video shows the daily life of the Kalash people in Northern Pakistan. It is the first part of a series of tourist videos filmed in N Pakistan in summer.

Pakistan, populous and multiethnic country of South Asia. Having a predominately Indo-Iranian speaking population, Pakistan has historically and culturally been associated with its neighbours Iran, Afghanistan, and India. Since Pakistan and India achieved independence in 1947, Pakistan has bee Past Clients Have Won Millions For Injury Cases. Free Evaluation 24/7. Call Us Now. Strength In Numbers - An Army Of Over 500 Trial Lawyers With A Winning Track Record Folketallet i Pakistan er beregnet til 192,3 millioner (2011) og årlig befolkningstilvekst i perioden 1990-2010 er beregnet til 2,2 prosent. Gjennomsnittlig levealder er 67 år for kvinner og 65 år for menn.Fødselstallene har i senere år vist en svak nedgang. Når befolkningstilveksten ikke reduseres like mye, skyldes dette synkende dødelighet The economic world ranking of Pakistan as GDP per capita is 154 th.Although the country is listed among the poorest countries, the main cause is terrorism which hinders continuous development; still, it is not difficult to find the Richest people in Pakistan Pakistani people.jpg 3,601 × 4,397; 2.04 MB Pakistani person.png 64 × 64; 7 KB Pakistani pilgrimes of Mohammad al-Mahruq Mosque - October 15,2013 - Nishapur 13.JPG 2,304 × 3,072; 1.19 M

She led her father's political party, the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) to victory. She then lost the 1990 general election, but is today head of Pakistan's government once again. Under Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan has made significant strides towards the establishment of democracy, although it still faces internal threats of ethnic strife and religious fundamentalism The language that people speak in Pakistan is Urdu, Punjabi, and English. Okay, now that you know what people from Pakistan are called and you know what language they speak, you may want to learn more about the people of Pakistan This section presents the history of Pakistan from the partition of British India (1947) to the present. For a discussion of the earlier history of the region, see India. Afghans had sought asylum in Pakistan, and another 1.5 million had fled to Iran. The mujahideen were eventually able to.

Greet people in the appropriate order. Hierarchy is very important in Pakistan so greetings must be extended in a particular order. This is especially true if you are meeting people for business. Show respect by arriving on time and greeting the oldest person or the person with the highest position in the organization first Figures published by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics comprising 26 stations and tracks spanning over 27.12km, will provide people with a world-class transport system and covid-. Geo TV provides latest news, breaking news, urdu news from pakistan, world, sports, cricket, business, politics, health. watch geo news on live.geo.tv

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Chinese people enjoy SUPREME TRUST in China, Trump breaks our trust in democracy, US democracy is dead. 28 minutes ago S10. China & Far East. Now you can post your opinion in Pakistan Defence Magazine, all you have to do is create an article and submit here Imran Khan incapable and clueless, has betrayed people of Pakistan: PDM Prime Minister Imran Khan is incapable and clueless, and his government is worse than a dictatorship, leaders of the. The Kalash (known also as the Kalasha) are an indigenous people living in what is today Pakistan. Although Pakistan is an Islamic Republic, with more than 95% of its population being adherents of Islam, the Kalash people hold on to their own religious beliefs, along with their own identity, way of life, and language

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Read - Nikki Haley Courts US-Indian For Trump; Says 'stopped Aid To Terror-harbouring Pakistan' We are gathered here to protest against the genocide committed upon the people of Kashmir in 1947 by the terrorist state of Pakistan. On October 22, Pakistan army and its tribal force organised gathered forces, led by a Pakistani major that invaded into Kashmir, a peaceful Kashmir where there was. People of Pakistan looking forward to welcome President Xi Jinping: PM Imran Published On 21 September,2020 10:13 pm ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that people of Pakistan are eager to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping on his visit to Pakistan 'Confident people of Pakistan will not fall for Opposition's conspiracy' FM Qureshi says government to tackle PDM's movement politically, stresses Pakistan is a democratic countr There are a lot of people in the sub-continent who have done something visible for Pakistan and those people are the actual heroes of the people of Pakistan. Pakistan's Best and National hero is the Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Here We are Providing you the Pakistan's Heroes List. 1

People are just literally fighting for beds, says Dr. Samar Fakhar, a resident surgeon at the government-run Khyber Teaching Hospital, in the northern Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa People™ began consulting in the area of non-conventional structured finance and HR management. Its outsourcing arm was established in 2002 under the name of Professional Employer Services. Later in 2005, the Executive Search division was established, specialising in service delivery for recruitment, pre-screening, selection and staff placement across Pakistan

Asia Harvest is a Christian organization serving in Asia. Check us out at http://www.asiaharvest.org The Kalash people of Pakistan are a little known people. In Pakistan, December 25th is a public holiday, but it is in memory of Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. Like in India, Christians make up a very small part of the population. But as Pakistan has a population over 162 million people, there are more than 5 millions Christians! Most Christians in Pakistan live the country and are quite poor Pakistan People Party Parliamentarian ISLAM is our FAITH, DEMOCRACY is our POLITICS, SOCIALISM is our ECONOMIC POLICY, PEOPLE are the source of all POWER's, SHAHADAT is our DEED. by PPPP Bhutto Bhuttois

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Pakistan floods leave dozens dead and people angry at lack of help This article is more than 1 month old. Authorities use boats to rescue Karachi residents trapped by monsoon rains At least 77 people have been killed and 94 injured in northeast Pakistan after a series of avalanches destroyed and buried houses The short answer is; although people are generally ignorant about other countries, still Pakistan may be among a few most favored countries like Bosnia Herzegovina, South Korea, and Turkic origin nations. Once, Pakistani people (Indian Muslims the.. State Bank of Pakistan . Currency Sub-Units. Paisa = 1/100 of a Rupee . Denominations. 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1,000 5,000 Rupees . Coins. 1, 2 5 Rupees . Local Culture . Pakistan came into existence to provide its people with a way of life-based on Islam. The people, customs and traditions commonly follow the one religion. Islam is practised. In the back country of Pakistan, you will find a unique ancient tribe of people who reside in the Chitral District of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.What makes them unique to most Pakistanis is the fact that many people in the tribe have blonde hair and blue eyes. Let me also add that they claim to descend from Greece in the time of Alexander the Great

Pakistan Government guidelines suggest that international travellers self-isolate for 10 days after arrival. You should avoid demonstrations, large crowds of people and public events The Pashtuns of Afghanistan and Pakistan had to be distinguished from other people in Afghanistan, such as the ethnic Tajiks, Uzbeks, and Hazara. The Pashtun Today Most Pashtuns today are Sunni Muslims, although a small minority are Shi'a

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Karachi, city and capital of Sindh province in southern Pakistan and the country's largest city. It is also Pakistan's principal seaport and a major commercial and industrial center. It served as a center of administration in the first years of independence before Rawalpindi became Pakistan's interim capital in 1959 Pakistani People. 568 likes · 1 talking about this. This is an Entertainment forum , Just for chill... Its a Page you Must Like! And update ur self with current issues around the world and.. The people living in Punjab (eastern Pakistan) are known for their roti (bread) and elaborate cooking preparations. The Pathens, who occupy the Northwest Frontier province, eat a lot of lamb. Their cooking, however, is considered more bland than the other regions Pakistan is a very much great country to travel . Because of its natural beauty and most important thing people . The people of pakistan are very sweet , loving and caring . Only indian people say that pakistan is not safe but this is wrong . India and Pakistan both countries have many issues thats why indian people say this

KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) — Heavy rains hit parts of Pakistan for a fifth straight night, bringing more flooding to the financial capital Karachi and towns and villages and leaving at least 63 people dead, officials said Friday. Rescuers evacuated people from flooded neighborhoods Pakistan - People. One of the major driving forces putting pressure on the environment has been increasing population. In Pakistan during the 1940s, population growth rates begin to accelerate as. Although most Pakistani Christians are from a former low-caste background and speak Punjabi, some have overcome social, language and prejudice barriers to reach out in love to their Muslim neighbors. Despite growing anti-Western and anti-American sentiment over the last 20 years, Pakistan still offers opportunities for investment, learning, business and service Pakistan's first elections under civilian rule took place in March 1977, and the overwhelming victory of Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party (PPP) was denounced as fraudulent. A rising tide of violent protest and political deadlock led to a military takeover on July 5 by Gen. Mohammed Zia ul-Haq

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Pakistan is not counted in the numbers of very rich countries because its being targeted by Terrorism and has no Continuous development. Though, Pakistan is ranked amongst the poorest countries in the world. However, there are still some rich Personalities present in Pakistan. Here is the list of top 10 Wealthy people of Pakistan in 2014 PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — Flash floods triggered by heavy rains killed 15 people and damaged scores of houses in Pakistan's scenic northwestern Swat Valley, a spokesman said Wednesday, as rescuers assisted residents in the port city of Karachi where last week's rains wreaked havoc that killed dozens

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Pakistan people. 36 likes. Athlete. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page Imran Khan incapable and clueless; betrayed people of Pakistan: Opposition leaders Imran Khan has 'lost' Karachi after PDM jalsa: PoK activist Here's why quitting smoking in COVID times is more. Things to Do in Pakistan, Asia: See Tripadvisor's 18,286 traveler reviews and photos of Pakistan tourist attractions. Find what to do today or anytime in November. We have reviews of the best places to see in Pakistan. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions Pakistan People Party, Islamabad, Pakistan. 307 likes. bright future of pakistan

Pakistan (Urdu: پاکستان) is a large country (1.5 times the size of France) in South Asia at the crossroads of Central Asia, East Asia and South Asia. Located along the Arabian Sea, it is surrounded by Afghanistan to the west and northwest, although Tajikistan is separated by the Wakhan Corridor, Iran to the southwest and also shares maritime boundary with Oman, The Republic of India is.

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The Nine Lives of Pakistan by Declan Walsh review - first-rate reportage. Published: 8 Oct 2020 . Climate crisis could displace 1.2bn people by 2050, report warn Kate Middleton and Prince William found a fun and unexpected way to reconnect with a group of schoolgirls they met in Pakistan last year — by playing a game of Pictionary! The couple spoke with. People.com Human Interest Former Miss Pakistan World Zanib Naveed Tragically Dies at 32 in Maryland Car Cras

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Pakistan People. This photograph originates from a press photo archive. PERSONAL GIFT. Who is your father's sports idol?. or your mothers rockstar?. In what town did grandpa grow up?. There is only one copy of each so each image is totally unique Pakistan population density is 260.6 people per square kilometer (675.0/mi 2) as of November 2020. Density of population is calculated as permanently settled population of Pakistan divided by total area of the country. Total area is the sum of land and water areas within international boundaries and coastlines of Pakistan Pakistani people (cultural phrase: Pakistanis; or People of Pakistan are the people who are citizens of the modern State of Pakistan. Pakistan's estimated population in 2011 is over 187 million. Pakistani transgender people and civil society activists in Peshawar condemn the August 16, 2018 fatal shooting of a transgender woman, August 20, 2018 IN 2016, Pakistan's parliament passed the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (Peca), Enforce Decision, Protect Rights of People with Disabilities. August 6, 2020 News Releas

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The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP, Urdu: پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی ‎) is a centre-left Islamic Socialist political party in Pakistan affiliated to the Socialist International.To date, its leader has always been a member of the Bhutto family.The Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians (PPPP) is a party formed in 2002 by the PPP for the purpose of complying with electoral rules. List of famous Pakistani women with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history. Famous Pakistani Women. Famous People From Pakistan. Pakistani Men. Malala Yousafzai. 12 July 1997. Activist. Benazir Bhutto. 21 June 1953 . Saba Qamar. 05 April 1984. Actress. Noor Jehan. 21 September 1926. Singer and. Cast out, marginalised and even murdered, transgender people in Pakistan used to have to rely on their wits to survive. Now they are running for parliament. The country is conservative and deeply. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan currently has the largest percentage of young people ever recorded in its history, according to the new National Human Development Report launched on Wednesday by the United.

People of Pakistan | Pakistan InsiderWhat would a Socialist Pakistan look like? – Speech atOld Muslim Man Stock Photo - Image: 5860460Galerie – Fotogalerie Reisefotos Foto Galerie

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kM74Y8btNV0&t=3s Thank you to the members of Leeds Student Television for providing the facilities for filming this v.. I'm not being rude or racist but every Pakistani person I have met have been horrible. There was a girl (Pakistani) who came new to my school when I was in secondary and I liked her, a couple months later she changed and she was always trying to wind me up, trying to get people to laugh at me and she use to speak to me sarcastically. In college there is a Pakistani boy in my class who is a. Pakistan's most revered elderly person is a gentleman called Abdul Sattar Edhi, a Sufi mystic, who has inspired Pakistanis to donate generously to enable him set up a country wide network of ambulance services, hospitals, services for people with disabilities, and shelters for women and children As Pakistan -- the world's sixth-most populous country with over 200 million people -- faces an HIV outbreak, experts are placing the blame on the nationwide practice of doctors reusing needles

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