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Nintendo 3DS XL. vs. Nintendo Wii U 8GB. Price comparison. Nintendo 3DS. Buy used: $120.45. Product Store Price; The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience. 4. resolution. 400 x 240px. 400 x 240px. Resolution is an essential indicator of a screen's image quality, representing the maximum amount of pixels that can be shown. Let's find out in our New 3DS vs New 3DS XL 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL is size The New 3DS measures 80.6 x 142 x 21.6mm screen is 4.18-inches on the New 3DS XL and 3.33.

An in-depth size and screen comparison between the 3DS XL LL (silver & black) and the 3DS (midnight purple). Jump to a specific portion of the review via the timelinks below The Nintendo 3DS is a fantastic console for portable gaming on the go with an incredible library of worthwhile titles. But with all of the different console iterations - Nintendo 3DS vs 3DS XL vs New 3DS - it might be difficult to discern which version is right for you The XL screens appear huge when compared to the regular 3DS, even though the smaller model's screen has seen a slight size increase over its launch counterpart I actually prefer the screen size of the regular 3ds, the pixel density makes the image look crisper, the 3ds XL get's that fuzz. The big reason why I don't use the regular 3DS is the pointy front corners, that jam into my palm. Very uncomfortable. Glad to see the new one has a much rounder design The N3DS XL's size is insigificantly larger than the 3DS XL Core i7-3820, 2x Radeon HD7970, 4x4GB 2133MHz DDR3 RAM, Gigabyte X79-UD3, 250GB SSD + 2TB HDD Board

Nintendo 3DS vs Nintendo 3DS XL: What is the difference

Nintendo 2DS XL vs 2DS vs 3DS vs 3DS XL: Screens All of the handhelds come with two screens: a top, non-touch display and a lower touchscreen. The top screen is always larger, but varies in size. No Like. The button size and layout. While the 3DS XL's larger size definitely makes it more comfortable to hold than the 3DS, the buttons still feel oddly small The stylus is positioned directly next to the headphone jack, and has had its size decreased a tad from the New Nintendo 3DS XL. While the touch screen is underutilized in 3DS games, if you have. 3DS has a bottom screen the same size as the original fatty DS. 3DS LL is up there with the bizarrely oversized XL.pc-ps360 The original fatty Ds is actually 1mm smaller according to wikipedia and.

New 3DS vs New 3DS XL Trusted Review

2DS vs 3DS vs 3DS XL - Screens The Nintendo 2DS and 3DS have the same size screens. You get a 3.53-inch display up top and a slightly smaller 3.02-inch screen below I had a day 1 Original 3DS. Upgraded to a 3DS XL.. the size was better, size helped with the 3D, and loved the 3D slider.. but the pixels... OMG.. took time to adapt. For me the N3DS has the perfect size. Gave the XL to the wife and will sell the original 3DS. Best screen ever In this mode, DS games really do look incredibly good on the 3DS. If the DSi XL screen is similar in quality to this, I might prefer it's big size over the tiny native-resolution DS games on 3DS. But if the screen quality is noticeably not as good, then I might be better off sticking with what I've already got Nintendo 3DS XL - 4.88 inch display @ 800x240 = 171.15 or 95.59 PPI in 3D Mode. Taken from here. The perceived screen clarity will be based on the ppi (pixels per inch). 3DS XL comes in at 95.59 ppi vs DSi's 98.46. It should look roughly the same as your DSi, I think On the Nintendo 3DS XL, this method yields a viewing size for DS games similar to their native sizes (due to the larger screen size of the XL), unlike on the original 3DS models, where the games appear to be shrunk. Virtual Console. The Virtual Console service allows Nintendo.

It is great but is way too small a screen and device. I had a DS Lite and I don't know how I survived with... Menu. NintenPedia. Forums. New posts. Reviews. Sponsor. Rewards. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Menu Log in 3DS and 3DS XL Discussions. 3ds sizes. Thread starter Hikki; Start date Jun 1, 2015; XL or Regular? XL Votes: 3 42. I was hoping id get a 3ds xl but my dad got the normal sized 3ds instead and i was wondering if the screen's size bothers you at all? Is it too small? Or is it an alright size The screen size is bigger than the original 3DS, it's just way more comfortable to hold and it actually fits in my pocket. There's trade offs between both the regular and XL though. I can try to break down what I've experienced having had both the New 3DS XL and New 3DS regular

In terms of size the 3DS XL, when closed at least, is comparable to a PS Vita or the original Nintendo DSi XL. Despite being larger than last year's 3DS though, the XL actually feels skinnier and. Nintendo 3DS XL vs 3DS Facebook http://www.facebook.com/duncan33303fan Twitter http://twitter.com/duncan33303 Google+ http://gplus.to/duncan33303 In this vid..

We took the PS Vita and the 3DS XL from Kotaku's recent size comparison image and overlapped them so that you can get a better picture of just how similarly sized the screens are now. It's still worthwhile to note that the pixel density on the PS Vita's 960×544 screen is nearly twice that of the 3DS XL's effectively 400×240 screen Name Nintendo 2DS Nintendo 3DS XL New Nintendo 3DS XL Price: $129.99 USD MSRP : $199.99 USD MSRP : $199.99 USD MSRP : Plays 3DS games: in 2D only in 2D and 3D in 2D and 3D Screen size: Switch Lite's screen is.62 inches bigger than the New 3DS XL top screen. (All measurements are with the New 3DS XL folded.) 2DS vs. Switch Lite. Height: Switch Lite is 1.4 inches shorter Just by looking at the names, you might have guessed at some of the differences between the Nintendo 3DS, the 2DS, and the New 2DS XL. But when it comes to the various iterations - Nintendo 3DS vs 2DS vs 2DS XL - there are actually more to it than just size and 3D compatibility The Nintendo 2DS XL, the sixth system of the Nintendo 3DS family, was released in July of 2017. It features an 82% bigger screen than that of the other 2DS systems, an easy fold design, and compatible gaming (can play Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS games). The Nintendo 2DS XL has a closed height of 3.4 (86.4 mm), open height of 6.4 (162.6 mm), width of 6.3 (160 mm), depth of .85.

Looking at the 3DS XL compared to original 3DS - Nintendo

Yeah, last year before the 3DS was released in one of those huge mega 3DS threads I remember reading that Wikipedia was wrong, the DS and DS Lite have the same screen size. Someone linked to the official measurements listed on Nintendo's own website and the DS Phat and Lite were listed the same size But, if you're deciding between a New 3DS and a New 3DS XL, it comes down to form factor, screen size and faceplates. Because the 3DS screen tends to be close to your face, I've not found myself. The 2015 3DS XL, in addition to playing all 3DS-platform games, also supports old Nintendo DS (and DSi) titles. Unfortunately you can't physically play 3DS (or any other older) games on the Switch.

3DS XL vs 3DS Size & Screen Comparison HD 1080p - YouTub

  1. Size. The 3DS XL is larger than the original Nintendo 3DS. That's not all folks - its display also grew in size. However, Nintendo has not bumped up the screen resolution of the 3DS XL. Still, games are still viewed in great quality, and it is said that the XL version's display is better for viewing 3D content
  2. New Nintendo 3ds xl vs 3ds xl - Price. New Nintendo 3DS XL - £168 / $199. First Nintendo 3DS XL - £160. The New Nintendo 3DS XL could boast a massive collection of improvements within the regular XL, but in the time of writing, it is being marketed for the specific same cost as the first XL version
  3. Stay logged in Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter. 3DS vs XL Screen Comparison 3DS - Console, Accessories and Hardware; Home; Forums. Forum
  4. Compare New 3DS xl vs New 3DS vs 3DS visually. This tool helps you to compare visually sizes of different objects

The biggest difference between new 3DS and new 3DS LL/XL is still going to be screen size. IIRC, there's about an inch difference I want to get a 3DS but I can't decide which version. I really like the purple standard 3DS but I think I would regret not getting the screen size of the XL, the XL is just ass-ugly though.Do you. The New Nintendo 3DS XL, a larger variant of the New Nintendo 3DS, had its North American release date in February of 2015. Known as a revision of the Nintendo 3DS XL, this new model features a faster processor, face tracking for 3D viewing, and interchangeable faceplates. The New Nintendo 3DS XL has a closed height of 3.68 (93.5 mm), open height of 6.81 (173 mm), width of 6.3 (160 mm.

I own a standard 3DS, but have used a 3DS XL more than once. I do like the larger size but what really makes the XL superior in my eyes is that for whatever reason the 3D seems to work a whole lot better on it. I can't use the 3D on my standard 3DS without a lot of weird overlapping and general eye strain An older 3DS XL (left) side-by-side with a New 3DS - notice the extra nub next to the face buttons - the integrated version of 3DS's contentious Circle Pad Pro. But it's the internal upgrades we.

The main screen of the new Nintendo 3DS, the top has a size of 3.88 inches, 3.53 inches greater than the common 3DS. Meanwhile the New Nintendo 3DS XL has 4.88 inches, the same size as the old model 3DS XL. The resolution on all models is the same 800 x 240 pixels Compare Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite vs Nintendo 3DS vs Nintendo DSi XL vs Nintendo DSi vs Nintendo DS Lite vs Nintendo DS Screen; Screen size: 5.5 in: 6.2 in: 3.5 in x2: 4.2 in x2: 3.25 in x2: 3.12 in x2: 3 in x2: Screen resolution: 1280x720: 1280x720 (1920x1080 via HDMI) 800x240 (400x240 x2) + 320x240: 512x192 (256x192 x2. See the actual size of a Nintendo 3DS XL right on your monitor. Just select your monitor size, and Pective will display it life size Revamped Nintendo 3DS 'XL' doubles screen size Open this photo in gallery: In this image released by Nintendo Co., Japanese game maker Nintendo's 3DS LL, left, and 3DS are shown More Info Nintendo 3DS XL announced Nintendo 3DS review Nintendo's gunning for retailers, expanding eShop offerings for Wii U, 3DS If you like your portable gaming three-dimensional, clam-shelled.

If you love the 3D on 3DS or 3DS XL, buy the New 3DS XL. It is a great experience and it is what 3DS should be in the first place. If you are not into 3D, read on, you might want to consider the purchase. Screen resolution and screen size of New 3DS XL is the same as the old 3DS XL. That is expected I guess The New Nintendo 3DS's screen is 1.2 times the size of the original Nintendo 3DS, while the screen of the XL variant is the same size as its predecessor. Some models are produced with an IPS screen for the upper display, but some still retain the old TN screen for upper display New Nintendo 3DS XL har en ny, integrert C-stikke rett over A-, B-, X- og Y-knappene. C-stikken har samme funksjon som Circle Pad Pro-tilbehøret som finnes til Nintendo 3DS, og lar deg gjøre små og myke bevegelser - noe som er svært nyttig når du spiller visse spill

Nintendo 3DS vs 3DS XL vs New 3DS XL: What's The

New 3DS or the XL: Which should you buy

  1. Nintendo 3DS XL on sale now By Kimber Streams Aug 19, 2012, 10:37pm EDT Nintendo's new 3DS XL is available in the US starting today from Toys R Us, GameStop, and Target
  2. Nintendo's website has officially updated with the introduction of the New 2DS XL. On it, we're able to see how the specs stand up to the 2DS and New 3DS XL. An overview of the unit is included as well. Check out all of the images below. order_by=sortorder order_direction=ASC returns=included maximum_entity_count=500″] Source, Vi
  3. The DSi XL also has better speakers and a much longer battery life than previous models. This is the largest display you can play DS games on at 1:1. Playing DS games on a[New] 2/3DS XL at full size is horribly blurry and pixelated. 1:1 mode isn't sharp and clean, but not as big as the DSi XL and doesn't fill the entire screen

To those unsure about the New 3DS screen size vs

  1. Nintendo Switch vs. Nintendo 3DS XL: Screen and media The difference in screen setup and quality across Nintendo's two portable consoles is pretty vast. For one thing, the 3DS XL has two of them
  2. See the actual size of a 3ds xl open size right on your monitor. Just select your monitor size, and Pective will display it life size
  3. Size & Weight: 9.4 x 4 x 0.55 inches, The New 3DS XL is the only member of the current lineup that actually does 3D, Due to the 3DS' dated processor and 240p screen,.

is the new 3ds xl and old 3ds xl the same size? - Nintendo 3DS

I thought the new 3DS XL had the best quality of the three when I looked at these in person, but I don't think the difference is really big enough to show up in a photo comparison (I also thought the new 3DS screen looked a bit warmer, but again, that's not really showing up very well) While there is no difference at the core between the Nintendo eShop accessed from the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, and the Nintendo 2DS, the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL are able to download select exclusive games that are available only for those systems, including all SNES Virtual Console games and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D The 3DS touchscreen is slightly smaller than that of the DS Lite and the DSi! At 3 inches it is the same size as the original DS touchscreen. Maybe Nintendo think we'll be so blown away by the 3D screen above it, we won't notice. I wouldn't expect a DSi XL price drop on day one, but we should see a drop within 3 months of the 3DS release It still has the same 4.88-inch primary display as other XL models, but its footprint is a quarter inch shorter than the 3DS XL. Despite the smaller size, the 2DS XL feels roomier Nintendo 3DS XL. In short: the largest, most expensive, full-fat 3D model. So above we have the smaller models - 2D and 3D versions - and next we have the XL pair of handhelds, larger versions of.

Nintendo 2DS XL vs 2DS vs 3DS vs 3DS XL: What's the

Nintendo 3DS XL Review: Bigger Screen, Better 3D, Still

New 3DS IPS vs TN Screen & Nintendo Switch TradeNintendo 3DS XL Review | Handheld Gaming Console | Digital

New Nintendo 2DS XL vs

Top LCD for 3DS XL, YTTL Replacement Parts Accessories Upper Screen Display for Nintendo 3DS XL LL System Games Console. by YTTL. 3.9 out of 5 stars 86. Nintendo 3DS $21.99 $ 21. 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Oct 28. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon Nintendo New 3DS XL Majora's Mask Edition 045496781576 $365.00 Nintendo New 3DS XL Hyrule Edition redsdcaa $615.00 Nintendo New 3DS XL Samus Edition redsobaa $999.97. Switch Vs. 3DS XL - unofficial size comparison 24 October, 2016 by rawmeatcowboy | Comments: 13 Here's the #NintendoSwitch and New 3DS XL Size Comparsion that was requested

Looking at the 3DS XL compared to original 3DS - Nintendo

How the New 3DS XL got here. Bringing 3D to the masses has been fraught with issues. The biggest of these -- amidst horrible one-size-fits-all glasses and the premium pricing slapped onto 3D. A guide to Nintendo's new 2DS XL, how it's different from the Nintendo 3DS XL, and why you should want one Katsukity Nintendo 3DS Capture Card Review. Note: Katsukity has shut its doors completely but did not give any closure reason. Once the stock lives on by means of Merki, 3DS capture cards will officially be off the market. So, if you need 3DS capture card alternatives, check this complete guide on Capture Card >>

Nintendo 2DS vs 3DS vs 3DS XL: Battle of the handhelds

NINTENDO 3DS XL vs 2DS XL - Which One Should You Buy New Nintendo 2DS XL Vs 3DS XL Vs Switch: 15 comparison iPod touch (6th 3DS XL. Nintendo 3DS XL review - The Verge. New Nintendo 2DS XL hands-on: this is the 3DS that always Switch Lite size comparison (vs. Switch, n3DS, n3DS XL, n2DS New Nintendo 3DS XL Review: A Big. Bulbapedia, The Community-driven Pokémon Super Metroid (Metroid Recon New GTA V Vs GTA: SA And GTA IV Comparison Screenshots The Lion, The Witch And The Top TFT LCD Screen For Nintendo New 3DS Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Gaming System (Black) SPRSKKAB B&H New 3DS Screen Protector - Top + Bottom (3DS)(New) Nintendo 3DS XL TOP LCD Screen 3ds.

What I think the 2DS should have looked like | MotionNintendo Has Unveiled A New Model Of The 3DS

Kinks Lola Vs Powerman & The Moneygoround Part 1 Deluxe Sunday Roundup: 12/21/14 Xbox Vs Ps4 Meme Spongebob [NEW] Morinaga Chocoball Kyorochan Mini LSD Game Blue LSI V Ling: 1904 World's Fair St. Louis Han Ser Ut Som Harry Potter Och Låter Som Barry White Shopping Guide: Best Xbox One Accessories To Buy Photo Gallery: Hands-on With The New 3DS Welcome To The Game System New Ekko Merch Up In. It's also worth noting, that DS games running at native resolution look better on the XL than on the original 3DS because they aren't constricted by the small screen size. - Oniros Jun 14 '13 at 14:2 I take a look at the pros and cons of downsizing from a Nintendo 3DS XL to a New Nintendo 3DS At the IDEF, in France, the 3DS XL was playable. The first huge difference is that, because of the size of the screen, the 3D effect is better and it doesn't leave when you move a little. Once you played on the 3DS XL it's hard to come back to the 3DS. ^^ (sorry for my potentials mistakes :3) Like Lik The new model has the same screen size and resolution as the standard 3DS XL, so your $200 mainly goes toward new controls, a faster processor and better 3D. MORE: Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Revie

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